Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where is February Going....

Hello everyone, Where is February going?..I think this month is flying by me! First off...I hope everyone had a Wonderful Valentines. A Time for love and sharing that special time together..even with kids..(we did)..though fortunately, we got to celebrate it a day later...a night out to dinner, it was interesting to say the least..

I had wonderful news, My Castle Album was published..been in the works since I believe last November. ScrapStreet Magazine is an online magazine that contacted me for publishing on there site. I was very taken back, I was even "who me"...hahaha. Well you can check it out at . You will see my castle..on exciting.

I love Employee crops..we decided to get together and spend some fun time scrapping together, which is hard to do since we work there...but we had such a great time..we all brought a dish in..and had fun sharing ideas, talking about just anything, and most of all..Being there..doing what we love to do..Scrapping...we even took a group shot of us..can't wait to do this again!

Well my Shabby Layout..framed pictured above is now a Class! You will receive everything for the Layout, however, a few things which I have printed up a class sheet for students, the frame is not included. You can find the 12x12 Scrapbook Frame at Michaels or AC Moores! (Use their coupon). The class will be held on March 10th 6:30-9 pm, cost is $20. Simply call AAS and reserve your seat for the class, pay over the phone, or come in and check it out and sign up and maybe check out the other wonderful classes we have on display for March. Lots of changes going on and fresh and FUN at the store. Busy as usual. I am also working on a mini Chipboard Album...look for that soon.

Have you seen the new Bobunny lines? I can't wait...oh to play with those paper..lots of ideas to put into place. Though I have to attention has been geared to reading at night...I finally saw the Movie Twilight..and now I am reading the books, I am on the third one, Eclipse! Oh my..but with a four year old, hard to read unless she is in bed! thanks to Nicole at work..she created a beautiful layout Twilight! I am in awe over parts of Nicole's layout..the flowers she hand...beautiful inspiring! I hope the picture does the sample of her layout justice ...she did an awesome job.

Ballet is going wonderful..Savanna is enjoying it very much. I can't wait to see her in her Recital Costumes..she will have two, one for Ballet and another for Tap...we are happy she is happy...and we got to sit in on one of the sessions and watch them. Which brings me to some Ballerina essentials coming to the store very soon. I am so excited, I can't wait. When it ready to see a layout ..and posted.

I have added to the right new links to Places I like..check them out. Let me know what you think of these great lines. I hope to hear more comments on here soon...let me know what you are working on and share with me some pictures. I can't wait.

Going to finish the "home duties" before work now. Have a Blessed Week.

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