Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is what we woke up to on our Winter Storm of December 2010

 Savanna had such a good time out in the winter wonderland! Nothing like wrapping up warm and playing in the snow, only to be wet, she was trying to get the snow off her gloves!
 Taking a drive over to my Brother in laws house..down a back road, how awesome the scenery was, and how lucky to be able to see it for myself!
 We made a trip to the local Food Lion grocery store, here in Moyock, and what a site it was! Very busy as well, and they were out of Everything!!
 On our way home, down our street, a snowman not made of snow, but still so pretty in the snow! Our neighbor puts him out every year...isn't he a delight?..
 Our beautiful home, Home Sweet Home, covered in snow, such a beautiful site, getting inside this nice warm home was all I thought about..my venture out was nice..but home where its cozy warm, Better!!
Had to capture the sky, the snow on the ground, the beauty...at last we got snow, and we can actually say..we had a snowy 2010, lets not forget at the beginning of 2010 when we had all the snow...

December is about to close out the 2010 year! We will be heading into a New Year in just a few days, wow, do you remember all your goals for the year? Have you journaled your year? Scrapped all the pictures you took?...I know for me, this has been the toughest year, one I will never forget! I will be working hard to record the happenings, the events, the sad, the happy, the days that you have to just say..."it is what it is". I am happy we are closing another year, I am Praying for a Fresh New Year to bring Joy & Happiness to us all.

With that said, I am working on many projects, I sent gifts out..some I made, some I bought, I have tons of fun things in store for my hobby! Classes coming soon, layouts you just don't want to miss out on, and playing with the silhouette and the big shot are just a few of the things I can't wait to get my hands on upstairs! The Glue gun has made its appearance at the desk! 

Getting organized, in January, there will be pictures coming! Lots of changes in my room is in store. I can't wait. I am putting out a challenge, get organized, share pictures and ideas, first five will win a prize. Just send me the link to your pictures, share your ideas by leaving comments on here, and the most important part, describe your work area, give us some input on your space to go with your picture. Hows that for bringing in the new year?...

Leave your comments, share your ideas...this blog is for just that. I will be posting pictures of my creations I have just done and will be doing..soon..so look out...2011, Bring it on..

Be Safe out there in this Snow..God Bless

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Excitement

Having a cup of coffee/hot cocoa w/marshmellows, got your mittens out, scarf, hat and coat! Trimming your tree, wrapping presents, singing Christmas carols and watching those wonderful past Christmas movies. That is what we all are doing,..forget the chaotic rush of buying gifts, start making them! Make time for YOU, I like to call those days "MEE TIME" !! 

Enjoy the snow as it comes and becareful. Pray for Peace and well being for everyone. Take lots of pictures and get ready to start the new year with new goals in mind, mark them off as you accomplish them, if you miss a few, don't worry you will def get to add it to next year !!!! 

Working at a Scrapbook store has its perks..seeing the new products come in, creating awesome pages for the store, trying and or hearing about products that are just released...working with fantabulous women who create and inspire. So when I go to work these days, I have the motivation to go in with fresh thoughts..I have missed all our customers and so fortunate that I get to see them again..yay me! God has blessed me with alot, and knowing I make a difference in the world of scrapbooking..is very satisfying to me! Working at home is a goal to of mine. Teaching from home and having traditional workshops of fun for us women is my next adventure. Girls night, parties for everyone..and most of all inspiring you to be you...Scrapbooking is what you want or make of it..it don't have to be all glimmer, embellished..it can be whatever you want it to be..so remember, pictures are the reason we put it in the book..those MEMORIES..we want to keep..and thats why I am here to help you all...In the coming weeks you will see a newer and improved blog..and updates on what I am doing. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. What I put on my blog are the things I love..so watch out...learning how to maneuver this blog and adding more..is gonna be fun fun fun...now..to go get the lil one from school and come home and get creating before I head to work tonight...Stay Warm out there...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sizzix: Scrap-Mart.com Blog Hop! {Christmas}

Sizzix: Scrap-Mart.com Blog Hop! {Christmas}: "I'm starting to think we are Blog Hopping Fools around here! ;) Today, we are hopping with Scrap-Mart.com. Here's the info.... Welcome ..."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's beginning to look like Christmas....

Frosty was built early 2010, we actually had SNOW...isnt he adorable...Thanks to Savanna, Papa and Tina...

Oh my...The Christmas Tree is up, the stockings are hung, the outside is lit up, we had our first snow! Presents are being bought and wrapped! I love Christmas..birth of Jesus Christ. I love to share all the good things he brings to us.

Update: I have been really down..sick! Gone alot from traveling this year to getting sick..not a good year for us! Alabama saw alot of me...with my Uncle Austin and the cousins, Uncle Austin is now resting and up there with grandma and granddaddy and other families. Savanna got sick after a trip camping which put her in the hospital...a virus that took alot out of her! She is healthy and full of energy now though. Then I got back problems and go to dr, ended up with Diabetes as a diagnosis ..a week in the hospital and out of work for a few months to recoup ...well I am going back tomorrow, Monday for my first day back..at work. I miss all my customers and friends..it will be good to get out of the house again! My dad is in the hospital and has the same thing as my uncle had..he will be going home today though. Prayers are always welcome.

Now onto more creative news, I have a layout to be put up soon. I will be teaching on the concept of the layout next month! It will be awesome....and its DONE...haha. I love it when I am ahead of the game..hehehehe. I will post a pic soon!!! I am working on a baby album for my friend show just now had her baby yesterday..Haylee Michelle..ADORABLE...yes, I went to the hospital to see her and the baby..held the baby and I just melt..OMGOSH..she is precious..Congratulations, and I can't wait to add these pictures to the album and get that rolling, being I have a stack of baby embellies and paper to get it going...yay!!

Life is amazing, challenging, and most of all precious...please take time out to recognize those in need and the Children..This time of year is scary for me to think about with Children being Abused and Neglected...Reflect on your childhood and Pray for those who are growing up without a childhood. Merry Christmas..More pictures and fun Creative projects to be posted soon....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey Everyone....taking a few moments to let everyone know that I am in and out of town alot. Last post explained why I was not posting and now I am home..only one less person in my life..that I miss so dearly..My Uncle in Alabama..its not easy for me..nor my cousin. So we did made a plan..her and her family went camping with us to the mountains..then come back to my home and stay a week..just getting settled in..so that sums up me...

What is going on...well June I held a class/crop and it was wonderful..the ladies are great..and I can't wait for Saturday..I am holding another one. I am excited..my cousin will be joining us...the class portion is $15 and you will do a two page spread..we will have cropping time the remainder of the time...yay....sign up at AAS. I will be holding this once a month...as long as I have space.

All About is having a great sale on quickutz..50% off all qk with purchase of a 2x2 die...you can't beat that one..in stock qk only. Don't forget to check out the Silhouette Group...with me..on July 28th..hoping to have things in check for that..it will be a different tune..we are going to have some fun..we are going to share our creative ideas.."show N Tell.."...Last Saturday of the month will be a Silhouette class with me..you must have taken Silhouette Basics class to do the Group..thats a must..group is not teaching basics..its how to start using your silhouette, getting more out of it..

I have lots of projects about to begin..wait for lots of postings starting September..(camping season is about to end)...one more run in August and a short run in October..

I am enjoying my life..finding myself more so this year then anything..finding which direction I would like to take..with classes and style I want to get into ...I like variety..so check back.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back Home...

Well its been quite an eventful five weeks...I headed out to Alabama on April 11th, only to be there two weeks, however, that changed..after almost five weeks away..then to get home..and turn around and go camping for the weekend down at the beach..(already planned)..run Cuddlebug to her Ballet/Tap Pictures on Saturday morning..then back to the beach..now we just rolled in today...we are HOME...only I will be here for one week...we leave for the Mountains for a week..next Sunday..wow..

Update...I missed National Scrapbook Day.."once again"..but could not be helped, as I was in Alabama and my Uncle took a fall, that prompted the first hospital stay...then he comes home..and 24 hours later..starts a fever...then to the doctors..then wee hours..paramedics and ER...he was admitted to ICU...he stayed in there..about three days..then to his own room..he is hanging in there....my daddy (his brother) and my mom and daughter..got there to visit with him..we are emotional..but we know..God will hold his hand and lead him ...never will he be alone. I am so torn..as I wanted to stay..however...five weeks away from home was getting crazy with my hubby..as he was wanting us home..Back to my reality..I have been living in another reality..with my cousin..and my uncle. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Savanna did wonderful..she is four after all..

News...topping..All About Scrapbooks just celebrated their 12th year Anniversary...woohoo...Happy Anniversary to All About Scrapbooks...watch out..(I'm Baaack)..well for a week this time..hehehe.

Guess what..AAS has Big Shots in stock..now let me tell you about that...we have the electric one..which is great for those that have wrist issues...hmmm..that would be me..we have the regular one..so I am debating which one to get.

Have you been by the store to catch all the deals?...Come on by Monday..(tomorrow) to see me..10-5 I will be working ...if you don't catch me there then..come on by Thurs night or Friday nights crop..I am working those two nights...

Don't forget..Friday is all day crop..

I will be setting up another class..being I had to cancel my Mother/Daughter Crop..I have done a layout..still in progress..mostly done...for June..Me and My Cousin Nancy did some scrapping..not as much as we hoped..but for the most part..loading my car down..was worth it..lol.

God Bless

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Is Here

Happy Spring everyone, I have been really busy with work, my Cuddlebug..and our trip to Colorado! About to leave in a week for Alabama to see my uncle. Lots of great things going on..Just had my class for the Easter Mini Album which was great..now getting ready for my next project..which would be the Mother Daughter-Sister Crop/Class. This will consist of a Crop with a two page layout class. I am excited! I will post pictures soon of this awesome day to come..which is on Saturday May 8th.

May 1st is National Scrapbook Day. I am excited..we will have a Crop on that day 10 am to midnight..$5 fee will be collected, only to credit your tab back ..so the crop will be FREE...so come on out on Friday which is All Day Crop and then leave your Scrappin Gear for the next morning and just return...the store will have sales...and then Make N Takes ..a fun day in store for you all...More information will be coming!

My next project...after the Mother Daughter Crop...will be the Castle Album...yes...by popular demand..I am doing another Castle..with the new Princess line we got in..and I can't wait..that will be so much fun..with adding coordinating ribbon...along with the paper of course.

The weather has been awesome...I am looking forward to Saturday..a day off and awesome weather..what gal could ask for more. Tim Holtz sizzix dies are in ...well some..being we have sold out on alot of them. I will be posting this week..with awesome news....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excitement..Warm Weather...New Things

We are participating in this year's Best of Hampton Roads! Voting takes place March 14th through March 31st. Go to the official "Best Of" site at www.hamptonroads.com/bestof or just go to pilotonline.com and follow the prompts. You can also vote via text message by sending the text code AXH to 21333.
Standard Text Messaging rates apply. Only one vote per category, per city will be accepted from each cell number.

Hello everyone...well March is here and wow..these past few days have been absolutely beautiful...I am all about warm weather. Okay you all know where I work...and well..we have the best team in Hampton Roads..very excited to say that we are participating in the Best of Hampton Roads ...All About Scrapbooks in Chesapeake ...opened in 2001 I believe, I have been there since May 2005 ! We have continued to bring the best to Chesapeake even in this economy. If you have not visited the store, do so, you won't regret it. Also we have a website..our blog.. www.aas.typepad.com. You can sign up on there as well to get our newsletter that is absolutely the best. I am proud to be a part of AAS and continue to help and teach everyone. So vote for my store...(well it actually is Bob & Rogene Mason's store) but we call it ours because we work there and we feel this is a big part of our life..after all..so join me in voting for the best Scrapbook Supply Store ...starts on MARCH 14th..

Other worthy notes, Held the Shabby Sweet Pea class last night and the wonderful ladies that came out and joined me are just awesome. Thank you to all of you. I hope you are inspired to keep making your layouts, and adding a bit of decor to your home with your creative pages.
If you missed the class, get with me and I will see what I can do to help you. Next class..is late in the works but that is due to oral surgery! Easter Mini Album April 1st, $25, I had set this to be March 24th but well, that just did not happen! Pictures will be up soon.

On March 25th we fly out to Colorado to see our new lil granddaughter, Gwenevere. We are excited, its also hubby's first time flying & Savanna's. Excited about seeing her...and can't wait to get more pictures!!! This will be a fun experience flying with hubby..my guess watching him and his reactions..hahahaha.

In May..there will be the big event, National Scrapbook Day, First Saturday in May..believe its May 1st ...come and join us for cropping, make-n-takes, fun new products and most of all, share the day with other scrappers. I will be holding a Mothers - Daughter-Sister Crop with a layout to go with this day. Second Saturday of the Month, look for more details coming..

Special prayers going out to my Uncle in Alabama, as he battles with end stage COPD, he has been hanging in there, being very brave and strong. He is my hero, along with my dad. He is my dads only brother, sibling. I am heading there soon. Details will be revealed later, as I am surprising him, once again. And for Nancy & Tony..my dear cousins, who are taking care of him and doing a great job, I miss you guys terribly, and I am counting the time down till I get there..

Whats new with me, well I think I summarized what is going on and what is to come, however, we are planning our camping trips accordingly, and anxiously waiting for those times to arrive! Savanna has her Recital coming up for Ballet/Tap..in June..that is exciting, as she tried on her costumes the other night, no the parents did not get to see, and I was not there, Steve took her..I was home from having a tiring day with pain from oral surgery. I can't wait to use the paper I bought, by Karen Foster, Ballerina...oh yeah..with the papers and pictures..I can see it in my head already! I do believe her Ballet pics will take up an entire 12x12..hahaha..we shall see.

and thought for the day, have you tried Smooch, have you seen the colors?..come by the store..oh my...now to figure out where I put mine..hahaha...pink, is called Taffy..what more could I say..the fine brush on this allows you to add this beautiful color to add a touch of creative color to any paper, embellishment, even flowers..I edged my flowers on the Shabby Sweet Pea layout with Taffy Smooch, beautiful ...yummy ...now to find that Smooch in my stash...I so need to get my room back to being organized..um...LOLLY...get yourself well..cuz you got a job to do...:o)

Look for more updates soon..as now I must sign off and get ready for work..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where is February Going....

Hello everyone, Where is February going?..I think this month is flying by me! First off...I hope everyone had a Wonderful Valentines. A Time for love and sharing that special time together..even with kids..(we did)..though fortunately, we got to celebrate it a day later...a night out to dinner, it was interesting to say the least..

I had wonderful news, My Castle Album was published..been in the works since I believe last November. ScrapStreet Magazine is an online magazine that contacted me for publishing on there site. I was very taken back, I was even ...like "who me"...hahaha. Well you can check it out at http://scrapstreet.com/mag10/february10/fixtures/turn2.htm . You will see my castle..on there...so exciting.

I love Employee crops..we decided to get together and spend some fun time scrapping together, which is hard to do since we work there...but we had such a great time..we all brought a dish in..and had fun sharing ideas, talking about just anything, and most of all..Being there..doing what we love to do..Scrapping...we even took a group shot of us..can't wait to do this again!

Well my Shabby Layout..framed pictured above is now a Class! You will receive everything for the Layout, however, a few things which I have printed up a class sheet for students, the frame is not included. You can find the 12x12 Scrapbook Frame at Michaels or AC Moores! (Use their coupon). The class will be held on March 10th 6:30-9 pm, cost is $20. Simply call AAS and reserve your seat for the class, pay over the phone, or come in and check it out and sign up and maybe check out the other wonderful classes we have on display for March. Lots of changes going on ...new and fresh and FUN at the store. Busy as usual. I am also working on a mini Chipboard Album...look for that soon.

Have you seen the new Bobunny lines? I can't wait...oh to play with those paper..lots of ideas to put into place. Though I have to admit..my attention has been geared to reading at night...I finally saw the Movie Twilight..and now I am reading the books, I am on the third one, Eclipse! Oh my..but with a four year old, hard to read unless she is in bed! thanks to Nicole at work..she created a beautiful layout Twilight! I am in awe over parts of Nicole's layout..the flowers she made..by hand...beautiful job...so inspiring! I hope the picture does the sample of her layout justice ...she did an awesome job.

Ballet is going wonderful..Savanna is enjoying it very much. I can't wait to see her in her Recital Costumes..she will have two, one for Ballet and another for Tap...we are happy she is happy...and we got to sit in on one of the sessions and watch them. Which brings me to some Ballerina essentials coming to the store very soon. I am so excited, I can't wait. When it arrives..be ready to see a layout ..and posted.

I have added to the right new links to Places I like..check them out. Let me know what you think of these great lines. I hope to hear more comments on here soon...let me know what you are working on and share with me some pictures. I can't wait.

Going to finish the "home duties" before work now. Have a Blessed Week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, Rain and Cold, Oh My

Well its February...and we got Snow..can ya believe that! Last weekend up to 7 inches here...and our store closed on a Saturday due to the bad weather, impassible icy roads. We got through that and now we are heading for bad weather, actually its here.wind just picked up, rain..we did have snow for about 30 seconds..which was supposed to be tomorrow..so needless to say, this weekend brings surprises as we are waiting to see what will happen.

I have been working on the layout at the top, Sweet Pea. This layout of course was inspired by this adorable little granddaughter born on January 22, 2010. I will refer her as Sweet Pea..as you can see on the layout. In this layout, I layered Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses, Sugar Rush and Pink Paisley line. I hadded Prima flowers to the corners, and of course I had to add Tim Holtz tickets..adore..they are just to cute not to add. You will see the edges of the flowers look darker, I had to try out my new Smooch..and all I did was edge it. I have these string of pearly beads on a strand..looped it and adhered it. Rhinestone pink pearls from Kaiser was a cute little add. Just little touches. The middle layer, I used fiskars hear border punch all the way around..I traced another paper to get the top note looking shape..to add the picture and embellishments on..I cut that and fell in love. Enjoy sharing this layout with everyone, I have to make another one, as my cuddlebug informed me she didn't think I loved her much because I did the frame for Sweet Pea...and I showed her, Nanna has another right over there to make just for you. She of course hugged me and said "you do love me"..four year olds..what would we do without them.

Working a few projects...stay tuned for those to be added soon..and one will be a class comin to All About Scrapbooks. I am excited! February is among us and soon before you know it..March will be here..and that schedule is getting tight. If you need more information on the layout above, let me know. The Frame is from Michaels...(cough...eck..cough) but we don't sell frames, this one is a Scrapbook 12x12 Frame. I can't wait for the Tim Holtz Sizzix dies to come...they were released at CHA as alot of other great treasures....Sure to have lots of flavor and drooling going on over at the store when that hits the shelf.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lil Ballerina

We are having a great time watching our lil Cuddlebug dance, she loves to entertain, this is one other reason why I got her into Ballet/Tap. She is really excited about her upcoming debut on the "stage"...that is all she can talk about, however, she has no concept to it being months away yet. We are very proud of her. I have to admit, I can't wait either...we got to see the costume picture and the outfits are awesome..I am pleased...I will update when the time comes closer about her Recital!

Another great thing, we are grandparents x2 now, another Granddaughter, my stepson who is in Colorado has a new lil girl in his life..Gwenevere. She is precious...we wish we were able to go there, however that is a long ways..I will have to get more pictures of her, as time goes on!

On other news, I have started the job as Class Coordinator at my job, to go along with the other things I do. Facebook started and has been great for the store. I love posting on FB anyhow..so its no big deal! We have a new Creative Team Coordinator, Arlette, she is wonderful! She put out the Newsletter and it was awesome...lots of great things going on at work and changes.

All About Scrapbook store did not go to CHA..rather take the money to put into the product..and I can't wait for all that to start coming in..we did receive Scribble Scrabble..first of many boxes coming from CHA releases..we have it in the store..I can't wait to get that out and start playing..paper is an addiction I think...and most probably can agree. If you only knew..how much we are working to make changes up at the store, to coming up with more ideas..its exciting!!!!

I am excited also that I get to make another trip coming in April, Alabama bound! It is needed. Gonna get really busy in the next few months! Have you ever just sat back and thought...where is the time going? I can tell ya...hahaha...planning out our schedules for home and trips and then working, taking care of Savanna...working in my Creative Zone..upstairs...and wow..time goes by so fast...look for coming pictures of projects..I am gonna be a busy gal...if you have questions regarding my projects..you can leave a comment and I will get up with you.

Taking in all I can, would love to hear ideas and what you think with the CHA releases...Leave a comment.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Starting out in the New Year

Read below about this picture...mine mine mine..yay

Life as it is....
It has been a busy January 2010 for me so far, however, I have wonderful ideas flowing in my head! Not to mention setting up trips for our camping this summer...graciously adding another trip, April I am planning a trip to Alabama, it will be after Easter and return before National Scrapbook Weekend. Two weeks will be the max this time, wish it could be longer, however, I do have responsibilities here at home! OH MY...I don't like that..I want to play! May we will take the week before Memorial Day Weekend for our camping trip to Sherando Lake! Oh that sounds divine! June will be an exciting time for Savanna..our lil four year old Ballerina..she started classes in September for Ballet/Tap, her recital is in June. We got to see a picture of the two costumes she will be wearing..how how adorable....I can't wait, she is excited to know she will be on a "stage"..she came home to tell her Papa all about it and her costume will be princess..and she will be wearing it. Needless to say..I need to gear up for that so we won't be going anywhere that month but Ballet and Recital..July...well we want to make a run to GA & Ala, meaning fifth wheel camper and all..that will depend on how the gas prices are at that time! I am excited! We still have to set up for August..but in the meantime..we have to set Savanna up with Pre-K..and choose where she will go for that so she can start in September. Wish us luck!

Now onto the Creative Aspect..I am now the Class Coordinator at All About Scrapbooks. I have already begun working on March Calendar..going to be making calls to potential instructors tomorrow and emailing! I am excited to see new changes ..all about scrapbooks..and techniques..drop by..ask us..we will be implementing new ways to show you..watch for upcoming pictures of what Tara is working on..she so Rocks. This leads to me CHA..which is in California..and Starts this weekend. Oh wow..we got in the first box...first of many orders from CHA Releases...Scribble Scrabble...Oh My..come in and check out this wonderful line..Bric-a-Brac, Nanas Trunk, and Sweet Shop..those three lines from Scribble Scrabble are in the store and in the new section! We got those checked in FAST...and you know I bought my share..

New Thoughts...it has been brought to my attention..I should do a Monthly ATC swap, if you are interested, email me..I will add you to the list..example: say there are 10 of us in the swap, you created the same ATC card 10 times, bring them to the set date for that month to exchange, along with that we will do an ATC card..so you leave with 11 different ATC Cards..wait till you see Tim Holtz dies, stamps..ideas...okay...I am going to really be in awe over him..I have always liked Tim Holtz..he has amazing talent and flare for teaching..if you want to know more about him..check the link to the right, scroll down till you see his blog link. The new dies will work with the QK Epic 6...woohoo..which is still going for $69.99 sale...get yours now. Come see us and bring a friend and if she is not in the database at the store, you both receive 10% off your purchase, excluding sale items of course. But the dies ...oh my...come check out the QK dies and keep an eye out on the new items coming in.

Now to me, Page layouts, chipboard album...new products...OH MY...and yes, look for these for upcoming displays and classes. Gonna get busy this weekend..to inspire. My next class is Scrap A Rolodex w/Valerie Wed, Jan 27th..bring in your Rolodex..if you don't have one..pick one up at Walmart, office supply stores..or Rite Aid..in the stationary section..I got one there...one from Walmart...I like variety..what can I say!!!! $25 and you will be amazed what all you can use this for...think of Birthday Rolodex..Phone numbers/Addresses; Pictures...so many great ideas...come in and see the one on display!

I am excited..I have to implement these drafts I am drawing up! I hope to work this weekend upstairs and get all of it done..hahah wishful thinking! I will do my best though..once I get onto something, I have a hard time stopping.

Guess what, I have a new Camera Bag...MIMI Oasis Zebra print..oh yeah...I will add a picture of that..if you want one, call the store and get yours ordered!! I so love mine..holds my personal stuff I keep in my purse and my Camera...now hows that for organizing..and I never forget where my camera is..hahaha!

Till next time..watch for pictures and updates on what I am doing...thank you all for looking at my page...you can also comment on the blog..you can search the blog..for older posts..

The Castle Album will be published in February..look for upcoming news on that. I was so thrilled when they contacted me..I felt ..very proud..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Years 2010 Is Here....

Happy New Years ...2010 is here and we are getting our house back together, packing up all the Christmas and trying to slow down. Me...Slow down..yeah right! I have been quite busy with classes and work, Savanna and the family! A new year and new things going on for the upcoming weeks.

My Classes, The ATC class is back on the schedule for Saturday Jan 16th from 4-8 pm. $40. December class went well and thought we would bring it back. If you have not signed up, call to get your spot 436-4300. If you would like the kit, just call me or email me.

Wednesday January 27th 6:30 to 9:30 pm $25, you will need a rolodex base..you can find these if you don't have one at Walmart and Rite Aid, and I am sure the Office Max and Office Depot. Fairly inexpensive. It started when I drew Nicole's name for our Christmas Exchange, we have to make something handmade, not just store bought, so I decided to try my hand at the rolodex for her Couture Creations business (cards and invitations), though I had lots of pinks for her..I went with Lily Bee Collection for the class. Very unique and fun to work with the colors. I used the QK 4x4, Contact Cards, check them out at AAS,...You supply you rolodex and your rhinestones, and the rest is there for you, Paper, brads, ribbon, die cuts of flowers..etc. All you need is your glue, I used Scotch Quick Dry glue, glue pen, scissors...etc..general scrapbooking supplies. Bring your stash if you want to add more to your cards on this nifty rolodex.

I am working on lots of ideas for February, that will remain ongoing as I am having lots of ideas flow through my head. Stay tune...

Thoughts....I have decided to change the look of my Scrapbook room, Shabby Chick...oh yeah..Tara made me (she got me for the Christmas exchange at work) a frame altered so beautiful..and its all Shabby!! I have been looking at different decor items to make and start altering the walls..hahha. I am looking forward to this change, and will post pictures once it starts. Have you ever wondered what to do with boxes...I seen some in Michaels that were very Shabby and all done up, however, creative juices flow through my head, they are of course great for storage, however, I will be using mine and altering mine to the Shabby look..that presents itself as decor and storage. I am also thinking where I can get a smalll chandelier to hang in a corner of the room to add that touch of Shabby but princess look. Savanna would so love to hang out up there.

Enjoy your New Year, as it has started off to a great start thus far. I wish everyone happiness and for it to be more prosperous and Safe, good health and most of all...Creative.