Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Years 2010 Is Here....

Happy New Years ...2010 is here and we are getting our house back together, packing up all the Christmas and trying to slow down. Me...Slow down..yeah right! I have been quite busy with classes and work, Savanna and the family! A new year and new things going on for the upcoming weeks.

My Classes, The ATC class is back on the schedule for Saturday Jan 16th from 4-8 pm. $40. December class went well and thought we would bring it back. If you have not signed up, call to get your spot 436-4300. If you would like the kit, just call me or email me.

Wednesday January 27th 6:30 to 9:30 pm $25, you will need a rolodex base..you can find these if you don't have one at Walmart and Rite Aid, and I am sure the Office Max and Office Depot. Fairly inexpensive. It started when I drew Nicole's name for our Christmas Exchange, we have to make something handmade, not just store bought, so I decided to try my hand at the rolodex for her Couture Creations business (cards and invitations), though I had lots of pinks for her..I went with Lily Bee Collection for the class. Very unique and fun to work with the colors. I used the QK 4x4, Contact Cards, check them out at AAS,...You supply you rolodex and your rhinestones, and the rest is there for you, Paper, brads, ribbon, die cuts of flowers..etc. All you need is your glue, I used Scotch Quick Dry glue, glue pen, scissors...etc..general scrapbooking supplies. Bring your stash if you want to add more to your cards on this nifty rolodex.

I am working on lots of ideas for February, that will remain ongoing as I am having lots of ideas flow through my head. Stay tune...

Thoughts....I have decided to change the look of my Scrapbook room, Shabby Chick...oh yeah..Tara made me (she got me for the Christmas exchange at work) a frame altered so beautiful..and its all Shabby!! I have been looking at different decor items to make and start altering the walls..hahha. I am looking forward to this change, and will post pictures once it starts. Have you ever wondered what to do with boxes...I seen some in Michaels that were very Shabby and all done up, however, creative juices flow through my head, they are of course great for storage, however, I will be using mine and altering mine to the Shabby look..that presents itself as decor and storage. I am also thinking where I can get a smalll chandelier to hang in a corner of the room to add that touch of Shabby but princess look. Savanna would so love to hang out up there.

Enjoy your New Year, as it has started off to a great start thus far. I wish everyone happiness and for it to be more prosperous and Safe, good health and most of all...Creative.

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