Monday, January 25, 2010

Lil Ballerina

We are having a great time watching our lil Cuddlebug dance, she loves to entertain, this is one other reason why I got her into Ballet/Tap. She is really excited about her upcoming debut on the "stage"...that is all she can talk about, however, she has no concept to it being months away yet. We are very proud of her. I have to admit, I can't wait either...we got to see the costume picture and the outfits are awesome..I am pleased...I will update when the time comes closer about her Recital!

Another great thing, we are grandparents x2 now, another Granddaughter, my stepson who is in Colorado has a new lil girl in his life..Gwenevere. She is precious...we wish we were able to go there, however that is a long ways..I will have to get more pictures of her, as time goes on!

On other news, I have started the job as Class Coordinator at my job, to go along with the other things I do. Facebook started and has been great for the store. I love posting on FB its no big deal! We have a new Creative Team Coordinator, Arlette, she is wonderful! She put out the Newsletter and it was awesome...lots of great things going on at work and changes.

All About Scrapbook store did not go to CHA..rather take the money to put into the product..and I can't wait for all that to start coming in..we did receive Scribble Scrabble..first of many boxes coming from CHA releases..we have it in the store..I can't wait to get that out and start playing..paper is an addiction I think...and most probably can agree. If you only much we are working to make changes up at the store, to coming up with more ideas..its exciting!!!!

I am excited also that I get to make another trip coming in April, Alabama bound! It is needed. Gonna get really busy in the next few months! Have you ever just sat back and thought...where is the time going? I can tell ya...hahaha...planning out our schedules for home and trips and then working, taking care of Savanna...working in my Creative Zone..upstairs...and wow..time goes by so fast...look for coming pictures of projects..I am gonna be a busy gal...if you have questions regarding my can leave a comment and I will get up with you.

Taking in all I can, would love to hear ideas and what you think with the CHA releases...Leave a comment.

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