Sunday, July 29, 2012

July is nearing to an end..and Aug is right around the corner..Yesterday I took the 4x4 pattern paper samples from Stamp Up...we got from Stamp Camp...and made a two ring booklet...oh yeah...used a thicker clear transfer paper as a cover for the front and back. Now I can go right to this for that "in person inspection" to see if it works for what I want..for cards...pages..etc. I like it...something simple..and the Holiday Mini is sectioned off in the back of it...the smaller solid card-stock hanging on the front is for the new embossing folders..we ran the paper through the Big Shot at Stamp we can have it and I am going to add the ones I have here..that I well. All about keeping it organized....and at hands reach...I also today took inventory of the SU pens..separated the retired and current..I love what I can do with these pens!

Next is to redo pen holder..and shabby it up...I have pattern paper from SU that matches my that is exciting..hehe. I plan on using that paper to do different projects in the room for decor..that will be coming soon.

This past week was a trip to Williamsburg...and my Savanna Girl...rode the Lochness Monster roller coaster..Nanna's most favorite all time coaster...AWESOME...and we did Mach Tower...we spent Tues evening to thursday in Williamsburg with Renee, Mike and Cheyanne..the girls had a blast...can ya tell..
Meet Lochness Monster Roller Coaster....and i was able to capture the ride in progress while riding sky
Us on the Lochness...the girls loved it..three times riding it! So brave they were..we told them to get ready for the picture..what do they do...POSE..AND LOOK ..lolol...awesome..

CiCi's Pizza...then Bounce House....We had a great to look for that paper...I am hoping I have the paper for amusement parks...then I know I have silhouette images for roller coasters...

This weekend has been about relaxing and I have done Just that THAT...Hope your weekend was relaxing too.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I hope to go to another one with these awesome gals!!!!!
Got this in our bag!!
Cards we made..
Six total projects..all Awesome

3D goodies...oh yeah..

Stamp Camp July 21st, what a day we had..left to sis Connie, friend Debbie and buddy Pam Ticen..also SU demonstrator. We had a day filled with cards and 3D projects. So enjoyed signing up for this and the card swap! ton of awesome cards..prizes...I even won Stampin Piercing Mat...and the ornament cool! We left there and enjoyed going to Office Max so me and Pam could get our SU catalogs binded..with clear cover front..etc...then off to Michaels we went...we all used our apps on our phone with coupon..mine finally worked..hahaha. Then dinner..we chose Cracker Barrel, shh don't tell my lil Savanna..but all was a good day! I am ready to do it again..hahaha.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Has it really been that long since I that is what happens when ya get so busy I guess...though my busy-ness was health issues...back on track..well least with the blood sugar. I have had alot go on in the past few months..oh heck..the last few years. Nothing like redoing a scrapbook room and doing up 17 card fronts for a swap on Saturday...Going to a Stamp Camp..with my sis and Pam..woohoo...I am excited! The picture is of the front of the cards..1/4 taken of sides and top to allow for adhering to an actual card base...I got to use the idea I seen in the new SU catalog..loved the card..had to tweak it a bit to accommodate what I had on hand!! side note..order more pool party paper..oh that is a must!! I made two other cards using the pool party card and added this to it..for two special people, my sis's FIL passed away on the 18th...with that know where these are going...two weeks ago my great aunt passed away..she would have been 95 Aug 25th...what an awesome woman she she is up in heaven just talking up a storm with her sisters (my grandma, uncles...etc)...I am so glad I know there is a heaven!! 

The valance is a work in progress, had to see if the Stampin Up material that I bought awhile back (intended to make the valance back then) would work..and well it does! We have another addition in the scrapbook room..I got me an AC unit...yes I have AC central..but the room over the scrapbook room..well stays HOT...not anymore..this is how we did up the cubes around it..I love it...and the cool room to work this is a pic of the one side with ac/window valance..the shelf also was added..which I have projects that I made sitting on it! its getting there...actually its getting to where I want it to be!! 

Hubby finally got the other three racks up to hold my punches...thanks to Pam, she was at IKEA and the first three came with the help of Nicole picking them out...aren't they awesome...I think I might need more..hahaha. 

All my pens are in the zig pen display..where I used to work at All About Scrapbooks, Bob gave me the display..brand new too! So I organized the pens by brand..I would say the SU pens are adding up! I love pens..but this is right beside me and I am happy camper about that..

My work area...its cleared..but does not take much to mess it up...I brought up the 19 inch LCD monitor and have it plugged into I can see bigger! everything is at hands reach...just about that is! Still working on the other side of the room..but I left to go on vacation..camping! 

Our home away from Home...

Past News:
    My Gabbi Girl is no longer with me, she went to Heaven on May 24th. I miss her dearly and cannot believe she is not here! She would have been 11 years old Dec 26th..oh how I miss my girl...
                                    RIP Gabbi Girl

My daughter and grandson were here for two months, she had surgery, I got to take care of my lil monkey..we also went camping Spring it was quite busy...

We were at Sherando Lake for Easter..and it was fun! cold but fun...and most importantly...this Nanna got to have her lil monkey campin at Sherando...both Savanna & Kayden..what a treat that was...

Back in February Steph, Brian and Kayden were here for two weeks..before the news came about the surgery, so we did up family photos..ourselves..thanks to a friend of Steph's..Kayla..she used my camera..and well we had pictures done...

We had fun..actually...but so Blessed we did this...this is my Family...well my kids..etc... Me and my Lil Monkey...
We actually had a birthday party Memorial Day weekend for him, since he was leaving on May 31st and his birthday was June 3rd..he turned the big ONE.. he dug into that smash cake...which he apparently enjoyed...very much. The cake and smash cake..made by the one and Only...Lolly..who does all my baking..haha..thanks Lolly..You Rock...

Several things have happened over the course of this year alone... We have been so busy..that I just got tired! So bare with I update this blog as best I can and get it going like it should be! Once the room is done..which what is left is organizing the stamp sets..that I have..the armoir is full..with everything stamping in I want to rearrange that as best I can..We will be heading back to Sherando in less then four weeks..for the last trip of the season there..then school is starting up for Savanna..who had surgery June 8th for tubes in the ears, tonsils and adnoids removed...she sleeps so quietly between girl scouts and camping with that..great wolf lodge..our camping and such..we stay busy through the summer...but still making time for Church when I am well enough to go..Savanna loves it..she does Childrens Church, Children In Action and Kids Time..when school starts..AWANAS starts back does Girl Scouts..and she will be choosing one sport to do for Fall/Winter..she has excelled and done so good in school..we are very proud of her. 

Bush Gardens has been another adventure I have done with her...thank goodness for Renee and Cheyanne..and even Mike..we went the week before last..stayed the night there..and came back on July 4th..she had a hopefully this week coming we can arrange a day to go back...splitting it up going in the morning for a few hours...go back to renee's and then go back to the park in the evening helps big time..we are very blessed for them..and Cheyanne and Savanna..well they are just best buds...what can I say...

Bless everyone that is going through a rough time, God has his reasons, but keep going. I am. Life is about cherishing that time..make sure you do, as so much loss has occurred lately. I read the book "There is a Heaven"...awesome..recommend reading it..perspective of a four year old who went to heaven..makes you really think...good afternoon..will be back soon..