Sunday, July 29, 2012

July is nearing to an end..and Aug is right around the corner..Yesterday I took the 4x4 pattern paper samples from Stamp Up...we got from Stamp Camp...and made a two ring booklet...oh yeah...used a thicker clear transfer paper as a cover for the front and back. Now I can go right to this for that "in person inspection" to see if it works for what I want..for cards...pages..etc. I like it...something simple..and the Holiday Mini is sectioned off in the back of it...the smaller solid card-stock hanging on the front is for the new embossing folders..we ran the paper through the Big Shot at Stamp we can have it and I am going to add the ones I have here..that I well. All about keeping it organized....and at hands reach...I also today took inventory of the SU pens..separated the retired and current..I love what I can do with these pens!

Next is to redo pen holder..and shabby it up...I have pattern paper from SU that matches my that is exciting..hehe. I plan on using that paper to do different projects in the room for decor..that will be coming soon.

This past week was a trip to Williamsburg...and my Savanna Girl...rode the Lochness Monster roller coaster..Nanna's most favorite all time coaster...AWESOME...and we did Mach Tower...we spent Tues evening to thursday in Williamsburg with Renee, Mike and Cheyanne..the girls had a blast...can ya tell..
Meet Lochness Monster Roller Coaster....and i was able to capture the ride in progress while riding sky
Us on the Lochness...the girls loved it..three times riding it! So brave they were..we told them to get ready for the picture..what do they do...POSE..AND LOOK ..lolol...awesome..

CiCi's Pizza...then Bounce House....We had a great to look for that paper...I am hoping I have the paper for amusement parks...then I know I have silhouette images for roller coasters...

This weekend has been about relaxing and I have done Just that THAT...Hope your weekend was relaxing too.

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