Friday, October 21, 2011

October Already and its Almost Gone

October is here and Fall weather seems to be here! Sorry I have not posted in awhile, lots going on! Right now however, planning my Savanna Girl's party for Sunday! Been cutting away on the Silhouette and getting things in gear for the big bash! Six years old, loving kindergarten, riding bike without training wheels, lots of milestones! I have to say watching her grow and sharing in her excitement has been a true blessing. 

Lets start off with some great "sharing".
Every one knows my favorite is Websters, anything pretty much Websters, I want! They are doing give away and its awesome, so gonna share today's goodies with you.
 go to their site and follow the instructions...easy as can be!

I love to share great things with everyone, and I am sharing some news, Valerie is getting a new Silhouette Cameo! yes, 12 inche Cameo, ordered and waiting for as I type! Cutting out all the Halloween decorations that I wanted, I truly decided I wanted to go bigger! I so cannot wait to get mine.

I will be back and forth thru the weekend, filling in this post with new pictures and such. Right now, I am on the verge of a breakthrough, I might almost be done with the decorations, all I need to do is put them in place for the party, but I got tonight and tomorrow to get that completed, as you know, parties can get big, and this one seems to be doing just that..Her birthday is completely Halloween Theme, kids are coming in their best attire (costumes). Savanna is wearing her witch costume, which I will finish up by tomorrow as well! I just added to a flower girl dress I had to buy last month for her and since she won't be wearing that one again, I repurposed it for her costume. Yay Me.

Have a Great Day and watch for coming news and pictures and classes here at my house!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April Brought Showers and May sure did Bring Flowers!

Me and my two kids...

We had a wonderful afternoon together. Cooked on the grill and I watched them play in the backyard with the dogs. Cameron brought his sweet girlfriend over, and they were funny and kept me laughing. I am so very blessed..everyday!

Loving this picture of me and you don't see us like this much, I am usually the one behind the this was a cool picture and will prob frame this one..and do a scrapbook page.."a monumental moment"
 Me, my Mom, my sis Connie and my brother Fred..and of course lil Savanna got in the picture. I love moments like this!!

 The flowers are blooming, this is the knockout rose bush..and its growing big! I love it..its so full of beautiful roses each time it blooms! Vibrant! I think I need to invest in a couple more of these..LOL.

Wow its been awhile since I posted! Sorry. Things around this house got interesting to say the least. First of all, May is National Scrapbook Month! lots of great things going on different sites of the creative world! Check out the different brands and see what they are offering! Its fun to look and play the contests they offer. 

I have been kind of busy with a daughter that has been in preterm labor since mid April. She and the baby are holding steady, but she is miserable! I feel bad for her on that! Not easy. Going to the dr every week and we get the same results, dilated 2 cm and 50% efaced. wow. So lets just pray I get her to the hospital on time, when he is ready to come out!! She is 36 weeks this week.

Mothers Day was very nice, the weather turned out gorgeous and seeing my mom and my MIL was very nice. Spending the afternoon with my kids was awesome! I love when my kids are here..well I guess technically they are not "kids" but nearly 22 and 24 years of age..I think I can safely say they are and will always be "my kids". 

My Savanna girl is registered for Kindergarten. We went last week to the information session for her and me. That was fun! Savanna thinks she should start there now. LOL. She had a blast. She graduates preschool in June..and then off for the summer..yay. I am already looking forward to kindergarten for her, she will love it.

Stampin Up has the new mini occasional out and they have the perfect stampin around..roller thing..mind freezes with the alphabet and spaced paper for elementary. I ordered it..just had too! The awesome pages and cards I will be making with those for her school pictures and for the teachers! I am excited to say that I actually broke down and went to the SU club tonight! Haven't been able to attend and it was fun! nice getting out without just doing "dr's" "errands" etc. 

I am back up in my room after being out of this room awhile, with my shoulder pain...that got figured out "bursitis" okay I feel better but today was taking it easy on it! But this means the teapot album is back in the works..yay! now to keep myself motivated..before I move on to the inside pages, I want to make sure how I will be attaching this lil book..together! so I have a few thoughts up my sleeve! 

I have ideas going off in this head of mine..that I actually have to stop and tell myself to STOP..because I must finish what I have going on right now..I think Spring weather is causing this condition..LOL. Layouts to come, more mini albums..and using more kits to get the most out of all that is out there to be offerred!! 

I will hopefully be uploading some awesome pictures soon ..and sharing more of the teapot album as I move forward...June is projected date for that class. July & August are in the head what I mean..tell my mind to STOP...

Hoping all the Mothers out there had a Wonderful Day and most of all, Relaxed..spent with family. I cherish every moment I have..with my kids and family...I am very Blessed. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

April...and I am ready for warm weather

Can we say that I am super excited for warmer weather! All the rain we have had, its time for the sun to be out and us out in it enjoying its warmth...with that said..I have a birthday coming, a baby shower in two weeks, Camping in three weeks, oh  my..I have alot going on this month it seems.

I have had people asking me what I am doing now..well, pretty much trying to keep myself motivated with no scrapbook store around! I miss my outlet very much these days! But then I come upstairs and shop in my own lil world! I have tons to get to and trying to do that has been a rough one for me lately. Having so much going thru my head I have to write it all down I think.

While surfing the web, I happen upon a questionnaire and thought I would this ought to be fun!! Here we go....

What is the one word that describes your scrapbook style and why?
wow one word? versatile

What inspires you to get creative?
Alot of different things, from my magazines, online surfing paper lines, looking at my room and lets not granddaughter..I have tons of pics and I see a moment captured..I want to make up something, whether its a layout, mini album, or simply a frame.

What is your favorite Pink Paislee product right now?
At the moment, I’m holding on to the Daily Junque Mini Notes & Labels.  I just love this pack of die cuts, especially those number tags (oooooh, I have tons of ideas racing through my mind at the moment).

What is something you consider a guilty pleasure?
I don't have anything anymore! maybe my sociable crackers & spinach dip while I put stuff together...

What is playing on your ipod?
I don't have an actual ipod..but I do have an MP3 player, variety..from christian, country to some 80's..90's..

What is the one thing no one would know about you?
I consider myself an open book, but to share one thing..I would say my weight..insecurities about that..always have been! close that book!

Name one thing that is on your “bucket list” for the future?
Lets see, I would love to do a scrapbook cruise!

Now its your turn..and let me know what your answers are..

What Was I Thinking!!!!!

Here is what happens when you start organizing..its just keeps me..I keep going and going and going..well, you get the idea! I will share some of the things going on in my room....

Having this shelf is quite amazing, I bought pink & brown cubes from Target..sorted all the chipboard albums, projects that I have still to make, this is perfect for just pulling out when I need them. A work in progress still! Updated pics to come soon, as I have taken off the top shelf..
 This is the work area I create at...a slightly messy one at that with all this organizing going on..but gives you an idea of where I scrap at! Trying to change this up some, any ideas? this desk is L-Shape and the long part goes the length of the banister..on the other side is the stairs! I still have to find that "ahhhh" in it..LOL!At hand is my handy magazines, the newest by date! Of course I ended up buying a pink filling tote ..big I might add and put past issues in it, after sorting and putting by year, I even purged some! Right to a friend!!!

This is a unique basket I found at Michaels, not noticing the R is missing! I love it..different! but this is what I put things in that need to be put away! handy and Pink! I think I need two! haha. But this is good to have for me because I can simply set things in this when I am done without getting up...once I am done and cleaned up, I can put the items away where they go. Everything has a I want to make sure I place it in this basket so that it goes to its home.

A closer look at the bins! $6.99 each!!

Never leave something at my house..Its gonna get used! I have stored all my Stamping Up Stamps in this five drawer plastic container, all are by theme! so now I don't have to dig in drawers and on shelves for them! so this is now organized! that was a major thing to do!!!! Labels will be made eventually, right now..finding everything a good home and easy to find place for that more important. You can see I have a chair leaned up against it..which is now in the attic..area where I have other things stored. I already have another chair sitting in the room along with mine.
 The wall with the where I have taken apart the cubes...and lined it up with cardstock and drawers! in the corner is a metal shelf rack that I have my new printer on, my tote, 12x12 acrylic paper trays..that holds photo paper, copy paper, etc. This is area is about done...I am thinking about this could change..but maybe next Fall...enjoy the room for a bit I think is what I need to do!!!!!

Newest Tool

 Zutter Bind portable..gonna be making alot with this lil to sit down and watch the video and use it..

 Gots to have the bag...a pink one at that..
 Tools that have pink case..oh yeah..but these will be helpful cutting the Orings..
I am about to get creative...yes, I broke down and bought these items..and the O rings. I am excited to have this addition to the scrapbook room...I am by the way, looking for a unique name for my room! something that will fit needs and what I like...

Easter is right around the corner! So I have been loving all the neat ideas out there online! However, I still have lots of Easter paper in my stash and will be using that up! With that..I took Savanna to get pictures taken with Easter chick..they came out fabulous..I'll share one with you an idea!!

Needless to say, Savanna is such a great little poser! She loved holding the baby chick.

Okay I had to share another..isn't this adorable..she is holding that baby chick with that smile of hers. She was in her glory, a camera and a live animal..yes..she was very happy..Shutterly Sweet Photography is the name of the company that took these. I am amazed how much my lil Cuddlebug has grown..she is such a beautiful lil girl..and so happy!!!
Okay I had to add this one...the chick had to get his picture taken..and isn't he adorable?? I even held him and he was so sweet..and so tiny! Glad this day was a good day with good weather. Couldn't have planned her outfit any better, when we got there, Holly had a basket that was white and lined with teal..I had no that was a plus for the pictures looking so good too.

Life is amazing, I am so very blessed. I have alot of work ahead of me, but with the blessings I have, I am sure to accomplish what I can the best I can. With that said, I am starting on the Tea Pot album which will be a class in  May! So stay tuned, as I am putting all the "finds" together to make...

 Leave comments ..let me know what you are doing and share with us your finds in the scrapbooking world, card making world..or are you organizing your space as well...for now I will say good night...SwEeT DREAMS.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are you wearing Green??

Are you wearing Green???  
well I had to ask! I got some green shirts..I think! I will have to look, being that I lost some weight..I don't know whats left in my closet! Though as a scrapper and being crafty, I might have to make something, better yet..I could pin the invitations that I am working on..One of them on me..hehehehe. With warm weather and fresh air that comes with it..I am so excited. So guessing its time to take the snowmen down and pack them away =( I love my snowmen..but thats okay..I have been pretty busy making baby shower invitations..I am hosting a baby shower for my daughter who is here from Washington State..she is staying here until after the baby is born..woohoo. I am on a roll, but now to cut and mat and cut and adhere more..with ribbon..paper, and more!! 

The process has been a good one, after getting the printer issue straight with ink cartridge. I had ordered Stampin Up Card Stock for this! Printed Winnie the Pooh and cutting them down, had ribbon to match! typed up what I wanted everything to say and printed it out on the cardstock "bashful blue", Certain Celery for green and Soft Suede for the brown. Hand wrote the "sweet as honey"...I am excited! These will be done very soon and in the mail soon after. Anything for my baby girl's baby shower. 

While baby shower is being planned, I am also looking forward to starting the tea pot album. I have ordered some fascinating finds online, some flowers I found at Michaels, and putting my thoughts into this as a fun way to cherish that memory of a tea party with the gals, your granddaughter, your daughter..your sister..whomever. This album is waiting on the awesome finds and then will be put into action. This class, the first one will be set to Craftopia, held at Oak Grove United Methodist Church in May. You will see pictures when the album goes into "production". 
Other crafting news..did you know what my favorite trimmer is?..well let me tell you about two of those..first being, my Pink Cutterpede that I have had for years. I love it..always use it! I just ordered replacement channels online for it and found the shuttle blade for it at AC Moores..for $1.99 each. I always go back to this particular trimmer because I can count on it! The second was my Making Memories Trimmer..this one I used for multiple cutting..putting kits together etc. Only to have the blade die on me..which its a self sharpening blade. However, I have done some serious cutting with this baby! Well I had been debating on buying another..or a refill blade..then I find..the ultimate one for MEEE...Making Memories has a PINK one just like it! Oh my..ya know how hard that is to find out Michaels nor AC Moores have it! So I am on the look, best bet to use a 50% off coupon, if I can find one and a coupon for wherever I find it at..did that make any sense..LOL..oh well..its late and I need to go to bed! I just had to share with you what I am working on..and I am so excited!! 
Have a fabulous St Patricks Day...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh My..Blog Fun

Sharing today Imaginisce... on Facebook..they have it set up to show you the fun things..and do goody boxes...go check them out on!/Imaginisce !! Blogging is fun, it can be time consuming but I always find out what is going on and see all the new lines coming out. If you are on FB and want to see what my creations are, just go to!/pages/ScrappinNChattin/189007331110794 to see daily antics and happenings with ScrappinNChattin. Click on Like so you can get posts that I send out and share!! How fun.

I had me a great day yesterday, I worked on another Castle Album, using a princess line I bought awhile back and finally did it up..yep..another day of scrapping, yet with my sister and a friend. We had an awesome day..can't wait to do it again next month! The album will be posted soon, as I want to add some more fun embellies to it and possibly adding pages..the best part..I have a castle album with both granddaughters in it...the first one was with one..gonna have to look for..a boy theme..for my lil peanut who will be born in June..a all blue for me..these days..hehehe

A work in progress..still adding ribbons, more flairs and blings..and pages..will be painting too..added touch for the last part!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's March...Spring is Right Around the Corner....

I am loving some of the warm weather we are having! Then having cold right after I am not loving!! Do you all have tons of pictures for all the snow days we had?..well bring your pictures and join me on Saturday March 12th at 10 am at Oak Grove Methodist United Methodist Church. You will leave with a beautiful layout cherishing your precious pictures of your children or just the pretty scenery (which I captured as well). I am offering this class for eight due to obtaining that pattern paper. I hope you will join me. Class: Winter Bliss, 10 am to Noon, $15 class fee and $5 kit fee.You will need your basic tools, trimmer, adhesive, and pictures.

This layout inspires me to do will stickle the snowflake..two colors to choose from, if you choose to do that of course, stamp with the snowflake stamps..and another element will be added before the class..a surprise for you. Title will be cut and say Winter Bliss. I am just loving this paper!!

My Second Class with Craftopia the SAME DAY..3:30 to 5:30 is Cards, created these three and there will be Six cards total for the class. Here is a glance at the first three...

Card class will consist of six total cards. Class fee $18 with $10 kit fee.  I am in awe of the new stamp I found ~Friends~ and on this card particular card you use stickles...All of these three cards have a different border punch which you will get to try out and just adore. The ribbon may be substituted for another depending on availability. I look forward to teaching the class and seeing everyone. Pop Dots, adhesive, scissors..are required for this class. 

Other worthy News..I have been having fun organizing a scrapbook room! hmm daunting, then fun again, then well..plain tired! Though I have to admit, the best part is coming, ~Decorating~ I am in the process of working on that amongst all the other projects going on in this head of mine! Life is amazing when you can get everything done..just learning to be patient for the length of time it takes is the ticket!! Pictures will be coming soon of the organized scrapbook room..gotta get the hubby up here to do his part..ya know!

In the works is my Easter Mini Album which will be held in April. The paper has been bought, the chipboard has been bought, now that I am all caught up with this class coming Saturday, I can focus on that. Though another project has sprung up and in the works for possibly May, Tea Pot Album, upon numerous requests..Diana Jones originally did the Tea Party at All About Scrapbooks. I am not going to step on her design and re-create it. However, I will be using my silhouette to design the tea pot. It is very similar to hers, due to what we have, the same I will put a spin on mine to be different, just as beautiful and with my house mouse stamps, along with hat stamps..phrases ..etc..the project has been started on the designing scale on silhouette. Further information is coming and I am really excited about this as well.

I will be adding a class here at my house on several things throughout the month, so please keep an eye out! if you are not following the blog, you might want to!! get the latest on what is going on. I will be posting my fav scrappinnchattin finds..

Just to show some inspiration,
My handy caddy for anything that I love to use for my inspiration..holds the recent copies of the magazines I love to get. I am still waiting (impatiently of course) for my subscription to Scrapbooks Etc to arrive...where is it...I sent the card off to order it..awhile ago..good grief..but I just have to wait..wait..and these will be replaced with the current issue as soon as it "gets here"..I love my organized area! I am excited to get it completed!! woohoo

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend coming up! maybe I will be able to have more pictures available of the card class as well.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Finds & More

 Savanna Scrapping away, I think I have started something!!

Wow February has flown by!
I taught a class here "A Day In the Snow" two page layout and the Craftopia class My Loves Mini Album! They were truly amazing ladies that I get to spend time with and I am very blessed. There were two extra kits from the mini album and have sold. I will be holding that here at my house on February 26th. I do have two kits available for A Day In The Snow, so let me know if you want one, yes, it can be flipped to make it a boy page!! Cool.

My next classes coming up will be in March, have not set the date for the spring layout as of yet here at my house, though March 12th will be another snow day layout for Craftopia. Look for more info soon. I am excited to be teaching again and having a great time. I hope you all get a chance to take one of my classes and spend time with each other.

Its wonderful to just sit and create, which leads me to my biggest conquest..My Scrapbook Room, never ending! I am getting there, reorganizing and trying to make the projects for the classes proves to be challenging. However, this has been fun to see the transformation!! I am liking it thus far! Not done, but getting close! Apparently I got this notion to redo my room. My thought and goal was to open it up and give it more breathing room..haha. Which I have done, but ya gotta make a mess to organize the mess! I have broke down cubes that were on one wall. I now have opened up the room, the floors are becoming uncluttered with bins, there is a place for all my stamps, my Stampin Up cardstock, and all my stamping necessities are in three cubes with drawers, total of five drawers..My Bazzill and regular cardstock 12x12 are lined across in cubes..I got them all in there neatly placed by color. I have emptied all the Artbins that I own that had just "paper" in them and organized them into groups, until I go through the paper on the racks, I will keep them in the cubes..stashed for safety! here is a sneak peak...mind you, I am not done!! final pictures will be done and posted something you might see in this picture may not be in the next!

The new area is being revamped..but I added more cubes..I told ya, a sneak peek...its getting there!

This is my utility shelf, I went and got cloth bins from Target, pink & brown and they are awesome! the shelf with the clutter, stamping shelf and that is about to be finished off! On the top shelf there are power sorter box with pictures in them. Anything dealing with photos, is on this shelf!! So you got to see a lil of what I have been working on, once I am done, I will definately post pictures of the entire room! its really exciting to see where I am going with this and where it "was" I am starting to go into the area of decorating the room with ideas you can tell with the bins! I have lots still to do, but this is my room in progress of right now!

How was your Valentines? What did you do for your "valentine" and how did you spend it?...I started the day off with preschool and my cuddlebug! Made some Love Bugs ..idea was given to me by Jenn Blenden, she is awesome! Thanks Jen. I changed it up a little for what supplies I had to find, but it worked. 

Here they come marching on..ready to go to their new homes!! They were fun making and the kids loved them.  I loved that they loved them!!!! I just love these little guys, that I have already bought a kit for bunnies..and will be doing them hopefully!

 Savanna making her valentine card for her class...she had fun making these! She is doing very well in school and writing so good! She wrote all her class friends name on the valentine! She did up the envelopes too!!! The roses were from my Valentine..aren't they just so pretty.

Face painting at preschool party...she loved the big flower with vines that Mrs. Brooke did on her ..awesome job!! The party was wonderful and the day was busy after that as well. Now on to other upcoming events!!

Meet my soon to be born Grandson, Kayden Noah..he is due to arrive June 9th! We are excited, my daughter is flying home this week coming, she will be having him here!!! I am very excited. You should know the next thing I am working on....Baby Shower and invitations...yep..already got the cardstock, about ready to start making these!! Baby shower will be in April, I still have a little time! I just wanted to share my excitement with you all, as this will be the first grandson, a boy!! yes, been checking out all boy paper..boy clothes..buying both..hahaha. A change for me with having two granddaughters!!!!

Exciting news, just before CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) was held, alot of different companies put on contests. MME had it where if you shared their link on your facebook page and commented on theirs, you had a chance to win! Guess what, I won!! two collections of MME newest CHA release..Stella and Rose collection and Gertie & Hattie collection..I was so thrilled! not often I do for that matter! I am excited and it really is gorgeous in person, as I got it this past week!!!!!!

This is Stella and Rose collection, alot..I am in embellishment heaven!!

And the Gertie & Hattie collection...aren't these wonderful....yummy paper and embellishments right up my alley, girl and boy!! what timing!!

Stay tuned for more things to come, I will start posting projects and other findings as the week comes about. I am also working on cards...hehehe. So look for pictures in the near future!!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

When one door closes, another opens

The last day of January, can you believe it? I can't, where did the days go? Though tomorrow brings a new month full of fun and excitement! When I think of what all that has transpired over that past years, where my life was..and where I thought I would be, I am truly Blessed.
I have been stalking the CHA releases! You should check out my Scrappinnchattin fb page. . There are alot of great products that were released this past weekend at CHA, I just wish I could have gone ..but then I would have been the one standing there "drooling". LOL. Second thing, I am so stoked, I won something on another blog and FB'd it..meaning, I shared their link on my facebook and they picked the winners, I won on My Minds Eye release Stella & Rose Collection and Gertie & Hattie Collection! wow now that was fun, I cannot wait to get those collections in my pocession. Here is the link to see those and more !! I am really loving both lines, as I have two granddaughters and one Grandson on the way, so this is perfecto'...yay.

Well in other news; Redoing this scrapbook room has taken a sudden stop, I got a new laptop, new external hard drive and new Printer...wooohoo. Needless to say I am trying out tables in the scrapbook room to help with this, changing it up! But had to get the new laptop out and get it going so I can at least get the printer hooked up. So I have created once again, ANOTHER MESS! but isn't that what you do, make a mess to clean up the mess and rearrange the mess? Look for pictures soon as well as the next blog update, as I get the pictures in, I will be posting about our Friday night goodbye to next blog will probably involve tissues!!

Today I am working on prayers, prayer for my Sister in law who has had a rough time of it, her health has been really bad and right now..prayers for her to get Stronger, to get better, to live without hospitals and doctors, and for her to be with her two sons and her husband. If you could for a moment sometime today, say a small prayer for her.  I will be heading to the hospital and making the visits. Another prayer I need you all to say, for Susie, she is such a sweet lady I am blessed to know this woman for she is such a super person with the biggest heart, she has been in the hospital.  So for these two that are dear to me, I am really doing alot of praying and thinking positive thoughts.

Stay tuned on my return to the blog, because things are changing! Please comment on your favorite new CHA releases, its fun to see what others like, what others come up with share..I will share mine if you share yours..Have a Great Monday..the last day of January

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pockets of My Love Mini Album

I have been working on this adorable mini album.  I will be teaching this as a class in February. If you are interested in the class, please contact me, as I can put you in contact as well with the gal setting up our place to hold classes & crops. Price and date to come soon.

The two page layout Class, A Day in the Snow will be held Saturday Feb 5, 2011 at 2 pm.  If you are interested in a kit, please comment and I will get your information. I will also be putting together a Ustream video on my classes. The Class/Kit $18.00.

All the goodies to go with the Pockets of My Loves mini album..oh it was fun shopping! Best therapy out there if you can do it. I look for the sales as well. I bought a few extra things you will see in the picture, brad setter..takes getting the hang of..but we shall see. I just love the ribbon! The materials! and The adorable..on the mini album pages!!!!!!

Keep an eye on ScrappinNChattin FB page, linked to my reg FB account. I put up lots of sneak peeks for CHA which is coming up quick..I so cannot wait to share those....hopefully soon.

Been keeping busy with Savanna and my scrapbook room, which came to a hault yesterday as blood sugars bottomed out, will get back on track in the next few days..meaning no more all nighters scrapping..LOL..I am so blessed to be able to have the medicines that I have, Diabetes is tricky and ya gotta stay on top of it.

I will work on my About Me book once the Pockets of my loves album is both!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter CHA 2011 Sneak Peeks..OH MY

Have you been wondering what is coming, I have and let me tell ya a few things, today Maya Road sent out their first sneak peek and I am drooling, as you all know me, I am a chipboard mini album junkie! Plainly put, but I do love the new ones out.  Check out their Sneak Peeks and let me know which is your favorite for release. ! You will find that I am on their facebook as well and love to watch the blog! MR...I can't wait for your products to hit the shelves...

Other news, My paper addiction is ...well...just that! However, I am loving this Webster line, They showed their lines coming out at CHA and we all are drooling! Paper is something that will make that statement, make that whole project or layout just pop.  I can't get enough of Websters..and I am gonna go nuts until I can get my hands on it.  Check out my facebook ScrappinNChattin for all the updates that go on with Winter CHA ..2011. I have posted links for you to enjoy well.

MR put out the cutes Enjoy..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lots of Changes...

Well its January 2011 and already facing new changes in my life. After working for All About Scrapbooks for four and a half years, sadly our favorite local scrapbook store is closing down! 12 years in business is awesome for a store and with this economy. Therefore, I will be making a new way for me, I am teaching classes from home! We will see how that goes and hopefully be able to keep in contact with a lot of friends from AAS. Which leads me to the first class..Schedule Saturday February 5, 2011.  "A Day in the Snow" This two page layout will inspire you to get those snow pictures out that you just took and put them on this fun layout.  Cost of class $18. If you cannot make the class, don't worry, I will do up a kit for you. Everything with a picture of the layout will be in the kit, exception of the Stickles used on the snowman. I used Ice Stickles, you can use any of the clear sparkley stickles. I am working on a video for the techniques I used...stay tuned for that to come. 

This is the complete layout. Crate Paper line Snowday, Lifestyle die (QK) Snowman. 

Another project going is my Inspired All About Me album is in the works. Wow..I am using a combination of different lines from Webster's..and I am loving it!! Here is a sneak peak..

I can definately create a class out of this, however, You may have these products at home, if you are interested, let me know and we can sit down and def go over it!! I love creating and I am told that I why not just put it out there and inspire you to get creative..everyone has that creativity in their blood!! 

I am going to miss my outlet at co-workers/friends. I am going to work hard here and get my classes here set so that everyone still has a place to learn and be creative..

Pages in progress...

Update on the family life:
Savanna is still keeping me busy, with her preschool and dance, AWANAS..she is getting back into the groove of it all after a long Christmas Break..I am happy that break is over! LOL. My daughter is 18 weeks pregnant and in Washington State. I miss her so much!! My son is doing well and growing into a responsible man at the age of 21 he has been working for MHI for a few years now. I am very proud of him. Gabbi and Sammy are quite the characters, and Minnie and Charlie, they have not met yet, I hope it stays that way for awhile. So that is the happening in my life. Thank you to all of you who have shared your time with me. I will miss you at AAS and hopefully see you here on line or on my FB ScrappinNChattin page, which linked to my regular Facebook account. So you will be seeing alot there as well.

Happy New Year and God Bless You All