Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Finds & More

 Savanna Scrapping away, I think I have started something!!

Wow February has flown by!
I taught a class here "A Day In the Snow" two page layout and the Craftopia class My Loves Mini Album! They were truly amazing ladies that I get to spend time with and I am very blessed. There were two extra kits from the mini album and have sold. I will be holding that here at my house on February 26th. I do have two kits available for A Day In The Snow, so let me know if you want one, yes, it can be flipped to make it a boy page!! Cool.

My next classes coming up will be in March, have not set the date for the spring layout as of yet here at my house, though March 12th will be another snow day layout for Craftopia. Look for more info soon. I am excited to be teaching again and having a great time. I hope you all get a chance to take one of my classes and spend time with each other.

Its wonderful to just sit and create, which leads me to my biggest conquest..My Scrapbook Room, never ending! I am getting there, reorganizing and trying to make the projects for the classes proves to be challenging. However, this has been fun to see the transformation!! I am liking it thus far! Not done, but getting close! Apparently I got this notion to redo my room. My thought and goal was to open it up and give it more breathing room..haha. Which I have done, but ya gotta make a mess to organize the mess! I have broke down cubes that were on one wall. I now have opened up the room, the floors are becoming uncluttered with bins, there is a place for all my stamps, my Stampin Up cardstock, and all my stamping necessities are in three cubes with drawers, total of five drawers..My Bazzill and regular cardstock 12x12 are lined across in cubes..I got them all in there neatly placed by color. I have emptied all the Artbins that I own that had just "paper" in them and organized them into groups, until I go through the paper on the racks, I will keep them in the cubes..stashed for safety! here is a sneak peak...mind you, I am not done!! final pictures will be done and posted something you might see in this picture may not be in the next!

The new area is being revamped..but I added more cubes..I told ya, a sneak peek...its getting there!

This is my utility shelf, I went and got cloth bins from Target, pink & brown and they are awesome! the shelf with the clutter, stamping shelf and that is about to be finished off! On the top shelf there are power sorter box with pictures in them. Anything dealing with photos, is on this shelf!! So you got to see a lil of what I have been working on, once I am done, I will definately post pictures of the entire room! its really exciting to see where I am going with this and where it "was" I am starting to go into the area of decorating the room with ideas you can tell with the bins! I have lots still to do, but this is my room in progress of right now!

How was your Valentines? What did you do for your "valentine" and how did you spend it?...I started the day off with preschool and my cuddlebug! Made some Love Bugs ..idea was given to me by Jenn Blenden, she is awesome! Thanks Jen. I changed it up a little for what supplies I had to find, but it worked. 

Here they come marching on..ready to go to their new homes!! They were fun making and the kids loved them.  I loved that they loved them!!!! I just love these little guys, that I have already bought a kit for bunnies..and will be doing them hopefully!

 Savanna making her valentine card for her class...she had fun making these! She is doing very well in school and writing so good! She wrote all her class friends name on the valentine! She did up the envelopes too!!! The roses were from my Valentine..aren't they just so pretty.

Face painting at preschool party...she loved the big flower with vines that Mrs. Brooke did on her ..awesome job!! The party was wonderful and the day was busy after that as well. Now on to other upcoming events!!

Meet my soon to be born Grandson, Kayden Noah..he is due to arrive June 9th! We are excited, my daughter is flying home this week coming, she will be having him here!!! I am very excited. You should know the next thing I am working on....Baby Shower and invitations...yep..already got the cardstock, about ready to start making these!! Baby shower will be in April, I still have a little time! I just wanted to share my excitement with you all, as this will be the first grandson, a boy!! yes, been checking out all boy paper..boy clothes..buying both..hahaha. A change for me with having two granddaughters!!!!

Exciting news, just before CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) was held, alot of different companies put on contests. MME had it where if you shared their link on your facebook page and commented on theirs, you had a chance to win! Guess what, I won!! two collections of MME newest CHA release..Stella and Rose collection and Gertie & Hattie collection..I was so thrilled! not often I do for that matter! I am excited and it really is gorgeous in person, as I got it this past week!!!!!!

This is Stella and Rose collection, alot..I am in embellishment heaven!!

And the Gertie & Hattie collection...aren't these wonderful....yummy paper and embellishments right up my alley, girl and boy!! what timing!!

Stay tuned for more things to come, I will start posting projects and other findings as the week comes about. I am also working on cards...hehehe. So look for pictures in the near future!!!!

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