Monday, January 31, 2011

When one door closes, another opens

The last day of January, can you believe it? I can't, where did the days go? Though tomorrow brings a new month full of fun and excitement! When I think of what all that has transpired over that past years, where my life was..and where I thought I would be, I am truly Blessed.
I have been stalking the CHA releases! You should check out my Scrappinnchattin fb page. . There are alot of great products that were released this past weekend at CHA, I just wish I could have gone ..but then I would have been the one standing there "drooling". LOL. Second thing, I am so stoked, I won something on another blog and FB'd it..meaning, I shared their link on my facebook and they picked the winners, I won on My Minds Eye release Stella & Rose Collection and Gertie & Hattie Collection! wow now that was fun, I cannot wait to get those collections in my pocession. Here is the link to see those and more !! I am really loving both lines, as I have two granddaughters and one Grandson on the way, so this is perfecto'...yay.

Well in other news; Redoing this scrapbook room has taken a sudden stop, I got a new laptop, new external hard drive and new Printer...wooohoo. Needless to say I am trying out tables in the scrapbook room to help with this, changing it up! But had to get the new laptop out and get it going so I can at least get the printer hooked up. So I have created once again, ANOTHER MESS! but isn't that what you do, make a mess to clean up the mess and rearrange the mess? Look for pictures soon as well as the next blog update, as I get the pictures in, I will be posting about our Friday night goodbye to next blog will probably involve tissues!!

Today I am working on prayers, prayer for my Sister in law who has had a rough time of it, her health has been really bad and right now..prayers for her to get Stronger, to get better, to live without hospitals and doctors, and for her to be with her two sons and her husband. If you could for a moment sometime today, say a small prayer for her.  I will be heading to the hospital and making the visits. Another prayer I need you all to say, for Susie, she is such a sweet lady I am blessed to know this woman for she is such a super person with the biggest heart, she has been in the hospital.  So for these two that are dear to me, I am really doing alot of praying and thinking positive thoughts.

Stay tuned on my return to the blog, because things are changing! Please comment on your favorite new CHA releases, its fun to see what others like, what others come up with share..I will share mine if you share yours..Have a Great Monday..the last day of January

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