Friday, October 21, 2011

October Already and its Almost Gone

October is here and Fall weather seems to be here! Sorry I have not posted in awhile, lots going on! Right now however, planning my Savanna Girl's party for Sunday! Been cutting away on the Silhouette and getting things in gear for the big bash! Six years old, loving kindergarten, riding bike without training wheels, lots of milestones! I have to say watching her grow and sharing in her excitement has been a true blessing. 

Lets start off with some great "sharing".
Every one knows my favorite is Websters, anything pretty much Websters, I want! They are doing give away and its awesome, so gonna share today's goodies with you.
 go to their site and follow the instructions...easy as can be!

I love to share great things with everyone, and I am sharing some news, Valerie is getting a new Silhouette Cameo! yes, 12 inche Cameo, ordered and waiting for as I type! Cutting out all the Halloween decorations that I wanted, I truly decided I wanted to go bigger! I so cannot wait to get mine.

I will be back and forth thru the weekend, filling in this post with new pictures and such. Right now, I am on the verge of a breakthrough, I might almost be done with the decorations, all I need to do is put them in place for the party, but I got tonight and tomorrow to get that completed, as you know, parties can get big, and this one seems to be doing just that..Her birthday is completely Halloween Theme, kids are coming in their best attire (costumes). Savanna is wearing her witch costume, which I will finish up by tomorrow as well! I just added to a flower girl dress I had to buy last month for her and since she won't be wearing that one again, I repurposed it for her costume. Yay Me.

Have a Great Day and watch for coming news and pictures and classes here at my house!

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