Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April Brought Showers and May sure did Bring Flowers!

Me and my two kids...

We had a wonderful afternoon together. Cooked on the grill and I watched them play in the backyard with the dogs. Cameron brought his sweet girlfriend over, and they were funny and kept me laughing. I am so very blessed..everyday!

Loving this picture of me and you don't see us like this much, I am usually the one behind the this was a cool picture and will prob frame this one..and do a scrapbook page.."a monumental moment"
 Me, my Mom, my sis Connie and my brother Fred..and of course lil Savanna got in the picture. I love moments like this!!

 The flowers are blooming, this is the knockout rose bush..and its growing big! I love it..its so full of beautiful roses each time it blooms! Vibrant! I think I need to invest in a couple more of these..LOL.

Wow its been awhile since I posted! Sorry. Things around this house got interesting to say the least. First of all, May is National Scrapbook Month! lots of great things going on different sites of the creative world! Check out the different brands and see what they are offering! Its fun to look and play the contests they offer. 

I have been kind of busy with a daughter that has been in preterm labor since mid April. She and the baby are holding steady, but she is miserable! I feel bad for her on that! Not easy. Going to the dr every week and we get the same results, dilated 2 cm and 50% efaced. wow. So lets just pray I get her to the hospital on time, when he is ready to come out!! She is 36 weeks this week.

Mothers Day was very nice, the weather turned out gorgeous and seeing my mom and my MIL was very nice. Spending the afternoon with my kids was awesome! I love when my kids are here..well I guess technically they are not "kids" but nearly 22 and 24 years of age..I think I can safely say they are and will always be "my kids". 

My Savanna girl is registered for Kindergarten. We went last week to the information session for her and me. That was fun! Savanna thinks she should start there now. LOL. She had a blast. She graduates preschool in June..and then off for the summer..yay. I am already looking forward to kindergarten for her, she will love it.

Stampin Up has the new mini occasional out and they have the perfect stampin around..roller thing..mind freezes with the alphabet and spaced paper for elementary. I ordered it..just had too! The awesome pages and cards I will be making with those for her school pictures and for the teachers! I am excited to say that I actually broke down and went to the SU club tonight! Haven't been able to attend and it was fun! nice getting out without just doing "dr's" "errands" etc. 

I am back up in my room after being out of this room awhile, with my shoulder pain...that got figured out "bursitis" okay I feel better but today was taking it easy on it! But this means the teapot album is back in the works..yay! now to keep myself motivated..before I move on to the inside pages, I want to make sure how I will be attaching this lil book..together! so I have a few thoughts up my sleeve! 

I have ideas going off in this head of mine..that I actually have to stop and tell myself to STOP..because I must finish what I have going on right now..I think Spring weather is causing this condition..LOL. Layouts to come, more mini albums..and using more kits to get the most out of all that is out there to be offerred!! 

I will hopefully be uploading some awesome pictures soon ..and sharing more of the teapot album as I move forward...June is projected date for that class. July & August are in the head what I mean..tell my mind to STOP...

Hoping all the Mothers out there had a Wonderful Day and most of all, Relaxed..spent with family. I cherish every moment I have..with my kids and family...I am very Blessed. 

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