Monday, April 4, 2011

April...and I am ready for warm weather

Can we say that I am super excited for warmer weather! All the rain we have had, its time for the sun to be out and us out in it enjoying its warmth...with that said..I have a birthday coming, a baby shower in two weeks, Camping in three weeks, oh  my..I have alot going on this month it seems.

I have had people asking me what I am doing now..well, pretty much trying to keep myself motivated with no scrapbook store around! I miss my outlet very much these days! But then I come upstairs and shop in my own lil world! I have tons to get to and trying to do that has been a rough one for me lately. Having so much going thru my head I have to write it all down I think.

While surfing the web, I happen upon a questionnaire and thought I would this ought to be fun!! Here we go....

What is the one word that describes your scrapbook style and why?
wow one word? versatile

What inspires you to get creative?
Alot of different things, from my magazines, online surfing paper lines, looking at my room and lets not granddaughter..I have tons of pics and I see a moment captured..I want to make up something, whether its a layout, mini album, or simply a frame.

What is your favorite Pink Paislee product right now?
At the moment, I’m holding on to the Daily Junque Mini Notes & Labels.  I just love this pack of die cuts, especially those number tags (oooooh, I have tons of ideas racing through my mind at the moment).

What is something you consider a guilty pleasure?
I don't have anything anymore! maybe my sociable crackers & spinach dip while I put stuff together...

What is playing on your ipod?
I don't have an actual ipod..but I do have an MP3 player, variety..from christian, country to some 80's..90's..

What is the one thing no one would know about you?
I consider myself an open book, but to share one thing..I would say my weight..insecurities about that..always have been! close that book!

Name one thing that is on your “bucket list” for the future?
Lets see, I would love to do a scrapbook cruise!

Now its your turn..and let me know what your answers are..

What Was I Thinking!!!!!

Here is what happens when you start organizing..its just keeps me..I keep going and going and going..well, you get the idea! I will share some of the things going on in my room....

Having this shelf is quite amazing, I bought pink & brown cubes from Target..sorted all the chipboard albums, projects that I have still to make, this is perfect for just pulling out when I need them. A work in progress still! Updated pics to come soon, as I have taken off the top shelf..
 This is the work area I create at...a slightly messy one at that with all this organizing going on..but gives you an idea of where I scrap at! Trying to change this up some, any ideas? this desk is L-Shape and the long part goes the length of the banister..on the other side is the stairs! I still have to find that "ahhhh" in it..LOL!At hand is my handy magazines, the newest by date! Of course I ended up buying a pink filling tote ..big I might add and put past issues in it, after sorting and putting by year, I even purged some! Right to a friend!!!

This is a unique basket I found at Michaels, not noticing the R is missing! I love it..different! but this is what I put things in that need to be put away! handy and Pink! I think I need two! haha. But this is good to have for me because I can simply set things in this when I am done without getting up...once I am done and cleaned up, I can put the items away where they go. Everything has a I want to make sure I place it in this basket so that it goes to its home.

A closer look at the bins! $6.99 each!!

Never leave something at my house..Its gonna get used! I have stored all my Stamping Up Stamps in this five drawer plastic container, all are by theme! so now I don't have to dig in drawers and on shelves for them! so this is now organized! that was a major thing to do!!!! Labels will be made eventually, right now..finding everything a good home and easy to find place for that more important. You can see I have a chair leaned up against it..which is now in the attic..area where I have other things stored. I already have another chair sitting in the room along with mine.
 The wall with the where I have taken apart the cubes...and lined it up with cardstock and drawers! in the corner is a metal shelf rack that I have my new printer on, my tote, 12x12 acrylic paper trays..that holds photo paper, copy paper, etc. This is area is about done...I am thinking about this could change..but maybe next Fall...enjoy the room for a bit I think is what I need to do!!!!!

Newest Tool

 Zutter Bind portable..gonna be making alot with this lil to sit down and watch the video and use it..

 Gots to have the bag...a pink one at that..
 Tools that have pink case..oh yeah..but these will be helpful cutting the Orings..
I am about to get creative...yes, I broke down and bought these items..and the O rings. I am excited to have this addition to the scrapbook room...I am by the way, looking for a unique name for my room! something that will fit needs and what I like...

Easter is right around the corner! So I have been loving all the neat ideas out there online! However, I still have lots of Easter paper in my stash and will be using that up! With that..I took Savanna to get pictures taken with Easter chick..they came out fabulous..I'll share one with you an idea!!

Needless to say, Savanna is such a great little poser! She loved holding the baby chick.

Okay I had to share another..isn't this adorable..she is holding that baby chick with that smile of hers. She was in her glory, a camera and a live animal..yes..she was very happy..Shutterly Sweet Photography is the name of the company that took these. I am amazed how much my lil Cuddlebug has grown..she is such a beautiful lil girl..and so happy!!!
Okay I had to add this one...the chick had to get his picture taken..and isn't he adorable?? I even held him and he was so sweet..and so tiny! Glad this day was a good day with good weather. Couldn't have planned her outfit any better, when we got there, Holly had a basket that was white and lined with teal..I had no that was a plus for the pictures looking so good too.

Life is amazing, I am so very blessed. I have alot of work ahead of me, but with the blessings I have, I am sure to accomplish what I can the best I can. With that said, I am starting on the Tea Pot album which will be a class in  May! So stay tuned, as I am putting all the "finds" together to make...

 Leave comments ..let me know what you are doing and share with us your finds in the scrapbooking world, card making world..or are you organizing your space as well...for now I will say good night...SwEeT DREAMS.....

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