Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Excitement

Having a cup of coffee/hot cocoa w/marshmellows, got your mittens out, scarf, hat and coat! Trimming your tree, wrapping presents, singing Christmas carols and watching those wonderful past Christmas movies. That is what we all are doing,..forget the chaotic rush of buying gifts, start making them! Make time for YOU, I like to call those days "MEE TIME" !! 

Enjoy the snow as it comes and becareful. Pray for Peace and well being for everyone. Take lots of pictures and get ready to start the new year with new goals in mind, mark them off as you accomplish them, if you miss a few, don't worry you will def get to add it to next year !!!! 

Working at a Scrapbook store has its perks..seeing the new products come in, creating awesome pages for the store, trying and or hearing about products that are just released...working with fantabulous women who create and inspire. So when I go to work these days, I have the motivation to go in with fresh thoughts..I have missed all our customers and so fortunate that I get to see them again..yay me! God has blessed me with alot, and knowing I make a difference in the world of scrapbooking..is very satisfying to me! Working at home is a goal to of mine. Teaching from home and having traditional workshops of fun for us women is my next adventure. Girls night, parties for everyone..and most of all inspiring you to be you...Scrapbooking is what you want or make of it..it don't have to be all glimmer, embellished..it can be whatever you want it to be..so remember, pictures are the reason we put it in the book..those MEMORIES..we want to keep..and thats why I am here to help you all...In the coming weeks you will see a newer and improved blog..and updates on what I am doing. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. What I put on my blog are the things I love..so watch out...learning how to maneuver this blog and adding more..is gonna be fun fun fun...now..to go get the lil one from school and come home and get creating before I head to work tonight...Stay Warm out there...

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