Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is what we woke up to on our Winter Storm of December 2010

 Savanna had such a good time out in the winter wonderland! Nothing like wrapping up warm and playing in the snow, only to be wet, she was trying to get the snow off her gloves!
 Taking a drive over to my Brother in laws house..down a back road, how awesome the scenery was, and how lucky to be able to see it for myself!
 We made a trip to the local Food Lion grocery store, here in Moyock, and what a site it was! Very busy as well, and they were out of Everything!!
 On our way home, down our street, a snowman not made of snow, but still so pretty in the snow! Our neighbor puts him out every year...isn't he a delight?..
 Our beautiful home, Home Sweet Home, covered in snow, such a beautiful site, getting inside this nice warm home was all I thought about..my venture out was nice..but home where its cozy warm, Better!!
Had to capture the sky, the snow on the ground, the beauty...at last we got snow, and we can actually say..we had a snowy 2010, lets not forget at the beginning of 2010 when we had all the snow...

December is about to close out the 2010 year! We will be heading into a New Year in just a few days, wow, do you remember all your goals for the year? Have you journaled your year? Scrapped all the pictures you took?...I know for me, this has been the toughest year, one I will never forget! I will be working hard to record the happenings, the events, the sad, the happy, the days that you have to just say..."it is what it is". I am happy we are closing another year, I am Praying for a Fresh New Year to bring Joy & Happiness to us all.

With that said, I am working on many projects, I sent gifts out..some I made, some I bought, I have tons of fun things in store for my hobby! Classes coming soon, layouts you just don't want to miss out on, and playing with the silhouette and the big shot are just a few of the things I can't wait to get my hands on upstairs! The Glue gun has made its appearance at the desk! 

Getting organized, in January, there will be pictures coming! Lots of changes in my room is in store. I can't wait. I am putting out a challenge, get organized, share pictures and ideas, first five will win a prize. Just send me the link to your pictures, share your ideas by leaving comments on here, and the most important part, describe your work area, give us some input on your space to go with your picture. Hows that for bringing in the new year?...

Leave your comments, share your ideas...this blog is for just that. I will be posting pictures of my creations I have just done and will be doing..soon..so look out...2011, Bring it on..

Be Safe out there in this Snow..God Bless

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