Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back Home...

Well its been quite an eventful five weeks...I headed out to Alabama on April 11th, only to be there two weeks, however, that changed..after almost five weeks away..then to get home..and turn around and go camping for the weekend down at the beach..(already planned) Cuddlebug to her Ballet/Tap Pictures on Saturday morning..then back to the we just rolled in today...we are HOME...only I will be here for one week...we leave for the Mountains for a

Update...I missed National Scrapbook Day.."once again"..but could not be helped, as I was in Alabama and my Uncle took a fall, that prompted the first hospital stay...then he comes home..and 24 hours later..starts a fever...then to the doctors..then wee hours..paramedics and ER...he was admitted to ICU...he stayed in there..about three days..then to his own room..he is hanging in daddy (his brother) and my mom and there to visit with him..we are emotional..but we know..God will hold his hand and lead him ...never will he be alone. I am so I wanted to stay..however...five weeks away from home was getting crazy with my he was wanting us home..Back to my reality..I have been living in another reality..with my cousin..and my uncle. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Savanna did wonderful..she is four after all..

News...topping..All About Scrapbooks just celebrated their 12th year Anniversary...woohoo...Happy Anniversary to All About out..(I'm Baaack)..well for a week this time..hehehe.

Guess what..AAS has Big Shots in let me tell you about that...we have the electric one..which is great for those that have wrist issues...hmmm..that would be me..we have the regular I am debating which one to get.

Have you been by the store to catch all the deals?...Come on by Monday..(tomorrow) to see me..10-5 I will be working ...if you don't catch me there then..come on by Thurs night or Friday nights crop..I am working those two nights...

Don't forget..Friday is all day crop..

I will be setting up another class..being I had to cancel my Mother/Daughter Crop..I have done a layout..still in progress..mostly done...for June..Me and My Cousin Nancy did some scrapping..not as much as we hoped..but for the most part..loading my car down..was worth

God Bless

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