Sunday, August 23, 2009

Storage, Photos, and Pages, OH MY

Me and My husband..Steve
Layout of me and my daughter
Layout of camping with my grandfather
Picture of my storage unit.


The feeling of knowing where your treasured Scrappin Essentials are stored..and can be found! I have lots of organizing to do, since I started my Stampin Up business, personal reasons..I joined. I love scrapbooking, but also making cards..I then discovered...hey..I can do both and mix both. Right dining room table is covered with SU product and Scrappin essentials, since being gone alot this summer, I have yet to get to it and organize it and put it where it goes...In my Scrapbook Room. The cubes that have made a hit in my room for me, white..drawers, a life saver! This will also hold my stamp sets and product for scrapbooking! I promise once I finish what I am about to start, I will take pictures! I have even bought a metal stand with shelves to sit next to my work area, this holds my laptop,, silhouette and my revolution. This has cleared my work area tremendously. I just received a great storage for my pens! Can't wait to get that set up and put in its place.

Photos, organizing can be a tough job, but not to overwhelm you! I have a system now that works for me. Since we all have pictures from negatives we need some where to put them, I have a seven drawer cart that holds all my photos, a drawer for family (camping, etc). Drawer for my sons pictures, another for my daughter, my granddaughter. As I go through them I decide which I am using in a layout, well sometimes I want to use them all, so I will scan them and print them to the size I want, or cut the picture down..if there are others of similar to the ones I am using. Since the digital world evolved and we get the digital cameras, I store all my pictures on a thumb drive, I have a folder for each event named and save to that folder! So easy to pull them up and see what I want to use. From there, I print them however I size..if there tons that needed to be printed, I upload them to an online one hour service and pick them up. Printing your own pictures, use the heavy weight, I use 10 lb photo paper.

Pages...and Pages...Creating layouts to cherish your memories is why we scrapbook, so I have lots of pages that have been done...displayed at work, put into albums! Finding that right way to put it altogether is a task but a well rewarded task. I have my albums set to the side, each time I am done with layouts that are displayed at work, I bring them home and put them in the appropriate album. When I feel like working on camping, depending which trip it would be, it goes into the family album, the long trips go into a specified book for just that. I find it helps me with my inspiration, I can scrap out of order. The albums get filled and its awesome to just sit there and look at what I have done..all put together.

Paper, paper,...and more paper...:I love my paper..and is an addiction..but this addiction feeds the inspiration and creativity. Scrapbook to mention I use it for other crafts as well. If you want to be inspired, just look up some of the companies and see their lines..galleries and more...TwoPeas In A Bucket is a good one to get inspired..or better yet..taking classes...paper inspires me to do alot of great things..thats where I started with the stamping up ...using paper patterns and stamping on them to get the image for my cards...and cutting them...loads of fun to sit and think up how you can change a lil bird, stamp the bird image cut it out in a pattern paper, then stamp the image on the surface and the piece you want to use for pattern on the lay it over the stamped image, amazement goes along ways..with yourself..paper can do alot..AAS has great ideas at the store....and classes. Stamping Up has designer series paper that are awesome for cards..I love the new lines in the new catalog. I like variety, AAS gives me that..and so does Stampin Up. These are the main places I shop, more so AAS...of course..:o)

Kick off for the first Stampin Up Club with Valerie September 17, 2009 6-8 pm. $25 for each member, club will last however many months there are members, example: six members equals six months, that gives everyone a chance to be the Hostess for their night and get the benefits. Its a great way to get ideas, build up their wish list, and most of all earn free product. Call for details or email me.

Debbie Schuh is coming to All About Scrapbooks, call the store for details...she will be doint three classes, check to get details. If you sign up for all three classes, if not mistaken there is a discount. Enjoy.

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