Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gotta love the Rules

All About hobby job...
Hello Everyone...the weather is nice...the time is coming up for Holiday classes at AAS...we have great ideas and can't wait to share. I am excited to have started working on the Large ATC/Photo holder by 7Gypsies! The ideas are there, now to get the time to keep going upstairs in my room to work on them.

I know we have the smaller ones in the store, many of you may already know..our computer system has been down for a week today! So only the orders that were put on the floor were the ones that we carried before...reorders..! need the computer to receive the product in...oh joy...and yes that means we have been handwriting all transactions..and the cc machine..."the dinasour" I like to call working well for us! Don't let this stop you from comin in..haha...we are getting faster at it..and we just only ask to be patient with we are on day 7 with "writers cramp"

I have two layouts that will be put up soon, as I have been so busy with working and gathering Ballet/Tap essentials for my Cuddlebug..she starts that in a few weeks..yay..$163 later...hahaha...that included the reg fee, first and last month of the tuition..(will be $40 a month) then the Leotard/footed leggins/Pink leather ballet shoes..(so adorable) and the Ribbon tie Patent leather tap shoes..which she absolutely loves the noise it not to horribly bad..considering...were are not even five minutes from the studio..which is awesome...My coming from one of Donna Downy layouts in her book...and guess what that is..a ballet layout..of the lil one at the dance now I can put that layout to the test for me...yay!

Today is going to be a birthday party day..for my that is where will be heading in a little while...if that was not today..I would be upstairs in my long as the sinus headache goes away. !

My stamping addiction is not going to be on this we are now no longer to have it in our personal blog..which makes it feel hard to accept...I am being honest...but I see their there without mentioning what I did with that particular card ..that is on the blog..which I can post pictures of my creations, just can't talk about if you have a question..just let me know..and I will giv you the specifics on the cards...layouts...etc. I will be debating continuing with the stamping business part, as I am not one to create more stress for myself..and right now..its starting to. I have to the end of the month to resign or not! I will pray about it and see where the chips fall, so to speak!

The silhouette digital die cutter is such a handy tool, I was able to cut out the mats that I wanted for my ATC/Photo holder..and mat a pic of my father on it..I have a feeling that I will be doing alot of Come see me at AAS and I can or one of the other girls..can demonstrate this great tool to have for your projects. I am in need of a few things..and will be getting them on Friday...but the Tim Holtz line is starting to take a big chunk of space in the tool section of our store...make sure you go visit his blog at and see the videos..and watch..he teaches so nicely..very handy tool to have...HIM...he is very talented.

Who would like to sign up for a class with Valerie, if you do, let me know, I am getting back on board with instructing and hopefully you guys will have fun with the great use in your own personal way of scrapbooking. Having variety is like having a buffet get to choose which way you like the one is exactly like the other..enjoy the samples...each your own unique way, nothing has to be the exact same..add a lil more of this..and that..and its your own creation..inspired by someone..but you make it your own, this topic is about Unique..Style...I would be happy to show each person their own unique style, just drop me an email and or see me at AAS...where the fun begins.....

School is get out that camera...take tons of pics...and play with the color on your printer..or where you have them developed, wait til you see the different styles..we have a great selection of cardstock, get inspired...layout the can use multiple photos of the bus, the kids...stay tuned for the next layout to be posted...once I am done with it, you will be able to incorporate this with those photos.

Off to get some things done around the house and get me showered and ready for the birthday party we have to attend...Hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend...Be Safe...Have a GREAT TIME !!!



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