Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

That time of year when everyone shares their Love Stories, show their love and affection with flowers, gifts, and candy! Well I thought I would share with you all, my Love Story.

I was separated heading toward divorce with ex. I was working at the shoe store with a friend of mine! She was seeing this one guy and we decided to go over to her boyfriends after work and then out for the evening. I think being asked by a guy to go after work to meet up and have a few drinks, well a friend of my friends boyfriend, I figured it would be fun and safe. We got to his house and I changed and got ready, there were quite a few people over that night and well, come to find out the one guy wanting to go out...hmm was in a relationship! I let him know real quick, I don't date guys in a relationship with someone else! Hello, not going there lol. Me and my friend were having fun watching the group of guys sing good ol' Eagle guy in particular, dark tan, white shorts and peach striped shirt (open of course)..was singing his heart out and laughing..and I thought was ...Wow. Well of course I did not say anything, my friend decided to toast to our year of birth, we were both born in April and the same year, needless to say we are good friends to this day! That night, this guy walks up to us and says.."67"..he smiled at me..I felt really flushed and giddy! This hot guy was noticing me!! well we joked that our birth year and said it again and asked his..he covered his mouth and mumbled.."57" this guy did not look 10 years older then me. We started talking about our kids, he has two and I had two..showing pictures! Well we talked all night and just enjoyed each others company. He asked me to hang around the next day, the guys were doing a big game of volley ball in the these guys are serious about their volleyball, considering they had SAND brought into the backyard and net..with steel poles. Chairs and coolers all around, you would think you were at the beach! afterall that was the purpose, the feeling of sand and playing. I spent the day with him..watching the game and meeting alot of the ladies around. We began to date, for two weeks, I have to admit I was a bit nervous it was moving too fast, I had to put a stop somewhere. So for another two weeks I did not see him, I felt bad..and I really wanted to see him, however, I still needed my space. One Wednesday I picked up the phone and called him and asked if he wanted to meet up and talk, he said yes..I was so happy..but I wanted him to understand, if I have plans with girlfriends, then they are my plans...I did not allow guys at my house. Well apparently he had a date that night I called, and he cancelled to be with me! wow..I was impressed!

From that point on, we were together constantly and got the divorces out of the way. The kids adored him! It was awhile before I introduced him to my thing sticks to my mind sister, the night we went over there, she being the "older sister" says to me, "how old is he"??? and said his age! they were awesome that night talking to him..and him to was great. Then the time came to meet my parents, now mind you we had dinner plans! My dad and Steve hit it right off, same football team, nascar, and the love for the mountains! Ford drivers..afterall, my daddy worked for Ford Motor Plant and we had two did Steve.!! My mom was happy and was like "he's hot" response "MOMMMM"..I about died, thank goodness she said that in the kitchen. Later thru time we would introduce the kids! That time came and we did, I knew I had met the right one when my daughter crawled right up in his lap and he read her a book! Cameron..he liked him..only he hit steve with a play truck! lol.

I finally met his two kids and we got the four of them together. We then dated two years and decided to get married! The time came October 1, 1994, having family and friends attend a house in Pungo, the Marriage commissioners house, who later we find out married Steve's mom and his stepdad. We will celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary this October 2012. He has been my hero! When we married, I had cancer, then neurological issues with fibromyalgia which started up in 1998. We have had our ups and downs as all marriages do. He was there for me in every way taking care of me. We are raising his daughters daughter..Savanna. We have total of three grandchildren, his son has a lil girl Gwen, and my daughter Stephanie has Kayden! We are truly Blessed beyond measures to know that the love he has for me through all the health issues, the battles with me and his kids, we are stronger now than ever before!!! My love grows even stronger each day. God has looked after me, been by my side. I can honestly say, my Sweet Valentine, My Husband. I love you Stephen Beary Forever & Always.

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