Friday, October 9, 2009

Ballerina Girl, invitations and more

Front & Back of invitation

Inside of Invitation, the actual invite!

I had to make the Ballerina Birthday Invitations. I visited several websites and local stores and no Ballet Party supplies, no invites, meaning I had to get my but in gear to make them. Using The QK Silhouette, I was able to cut out the Ballet Slippers and the ribbon bow..the tiny bow on the slipper. I had a stamp that was just the right size for the actual invitation in the card. I even had an acrylic stamp that was a cake with four candles which amazed me, Savanna turns 4! What luck..

Layout of my Cuddlebug getting fitted for her Leotard, leggings, Ballet shoes and Tap Shoes...the pictures were blurry, with the mirrors at Dance Outfitters made it hard for the setting on the camera. I need to learn more about that camera!! But I used the QK Silhouette for the ballerina, copy and pasted and then I mirrored the copied image and welded it together. Using Airondack Dabber paint and a small dauber..I was able to soften the pictures up! This layout was inspired by a layout I had seen in a book by Donna Downey. I will be posting pictures of that layout when the second page is completed!!!

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